Estival Black Truffle

Characteristics Black Summer Truffle or Tuber Aestivum Viti (Scorzone), available from June 1 to August 31. Selected from the territory of the Appennino Umbro-Marchigiano.
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Summer Black Truffle or more commonly known as “Scorzone” because of its rough skin. It is very appreciated for its delicate and pleasant earthy taste, similar to that of Porcini mushrooms; it is relatively low price and maintains its freshness and flavour longer than other varieties. For more information visit our Blog.

Additional information

Termine minimo di conservazione/ Storage

Grazie alle sue qualità, il Tartufo Nero Estivo si conserva in frigo per un massimo di 20 giorni avvolto in carta assorbente dentro un contenitore./

Thanks to its characteristics, the Summer Black Truffle can be kept for a maximum of 20 days wrapped in a dry paper towel and placed in a glass jar, close tightly in the refrigerator.


Ravioli al Tartufo Estivo

Ricetta semplicissima….. basta ripassare i ravioli in padella con del burro semplice o burro al tartufo bianco e salvia poi impiattare ed aggiungere una abbondante quantità di tartufo fresco o in alternativa le lamelle di tartufo estivo./

Black Summer Truffle Ravioli
Very easy recipe… Drain the ravioli and toss in the sauce pan with butter or truffle butter and sage.
Place the ravioli on a serving dish, garnish abundantly with fresh truffle or with Summer truffle slices.

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